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Grease Scrapers offer exceptional kitchen exhaust system cleaning and hood cleaning. Our Philadelphia hood cleaning services are comprehensive and safe with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Unrivaled, Customer-Focused Kitchen Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, PA

We understand that the commercial kitchen is the heart of any food-service business. It is where the meals are being prepared and a contributor to first impressions. Grease Scrapers offer comprehensive Philadelphia, PA kitchen exhaust system cleaning services to make your kitchen equipment shine and smell fresh again.  

Deep cleaning kitchen equipment is what our company does best. Our local hood cleaners and expert technicians will not leave a stone unturned in making sure your kitchen is left immaculate. Plus, we offer personalized cleaning packages for our Philadelphia clients.

  • Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning. We remove grease and cooking debris from the exhaust system. The result is a well-functioning exhaust hood and significantly reduced hazard risks. This service includes initial inspection, maintenance, or emergency cleaning.

  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning. We scrape dirt off of the exhaust hood, hood filters, and hood canopy and clean the hood and all of its components.
  • Rooftop Grease Containment. Food-service businesses are required by law to have grease traps. The traps or boxes act as the grease collection system, and our maintenance service makes the rooftop grease containment function as it should, helping you to protect your establishment, reduce hazards, and keep your customers safe.


We offer the best kitchen and exhaust hood cleaning in Philadelphia, PA. Grease Scrapers specialize in providing outstanding cleaning services. 


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Philadelphia, PA Food-Service Businesses We Serve

Here at Grease Scrapers, we know that not all businesses require the same cleaning solutions. That is why we offer customized kitchen cleaning services to our Philadelphia clients. 

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, and catering companies are some of the businesses we partner with that have to maintain a safe and sanitary kitchen environment. 

If your business is one of these, consider the Philadelphia kitchen hood cleaning services we are offering:

  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Catering companies.
  • Hotels.
  • Hospitals.
  • Bars and clubs.
  • Cafeterias.

As a business owner or manager, your time is valuable and should be spent on running the business properly. Grease Scrapers is here to save you from a lot of trouble that can come from neglect. 

Need to clean your kitchen exhaust hood? Let our cleaning crew do the job for you so you can put more time into running your business. Contact us now and let us explore your options.

Your Business Needs a Professional Philadelphia Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

There are a ton of things you think about when running a food-service business. You make sure everything is in order, from the menu and décor to the cleanliness of your establishment, and often, deep cleaning of the kitchen equipment is put at the bottom of the to-do list.


Your kitchen exhaust hood is one of the most crucial parts of your food-service business. It helps to ventilate the kitchen and let it have more breathable air by expelling smoke, heat, fumes, and grease away from the work area.


However, the kitchen exhaust system is often overlooked, perhaps because it is challenging to clean, but nevertheless, it requires proper equipment and cleaning products to get rid of bacteria completely. 


It is crucial to remember why you should have regular cleaning.

Compliance with all laws regarding health and safety standards in cooking operations

Safety and health are always top priorities in any workplace. Hiring a professional hood cleaning contractor will help you comply with the standards. At Grease Scrapers, we care about our workers and customers. We strive to protect them by handling hazardous materials properly, and we help create a healthier kitchen for the clients.

Make your business operations more efficient by having a spotless kitchen and equipment

A clean and well-organized kitchen contributes to the success of a food-service business. Having a clean kitchen exhaust system and range hood ensures continuous operations and a safe kitchen allows the workers to perform their tasks more effective

Get complete and detailed cleaning of your commercial kitchen hood, exhaust system, and grease traps

You probably understand how crucial it is to have well-maintained equipment. That is why getting a professional Philadelphia cleaning service that acknowledges the inside and out of the kitchen exhaust systems, range hoods, and grease traps is ideal. Hiring skilled hood cleaning contractors is cost-effective and more efficient too

Keeping the kitchen exhaust system clean and safe to use is not always easy, and cleaning kitchen hoods takes time and effort. That is why Grease Scrapers is here! We help all kinds of businesses that operate with a commercial kitchen have a clean kitchen hood.

Fair, Flexible, and The Trusted Philadelphia Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

Grease Scrapers was started with the goal of providing customer-focused hood cleaning services, and to achieve this, our team comprises professional and certified hood cleaners and Philadelphia technicians who are proud of the work we do. We understand the importance of giving exceptional services all the time.


You can trust Grease Scrapers to provide dedicated and high-quality exhaust system cleaning. Our friendly staff and expert hood cleaners will be more than happy to assist you. 


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  • Unrivaled services and cleaning results. It is difficult to clean the kitchen hood canopy and hood filters. Without the proper kitchen cleaning equipment, the tasks will become more time-consuming and less efficient. Grease Scrapers offer kitchen cleaning services that will save you time and hassle.


  • Seamless and transparent transaction. With important jobs like cleaning the kitchen exhaust hood, you want to make sure everything is done right. That is what hood cleaning companies like Grease Scrapers are here to do.


  • Professional and friendly hood cleaning specialists and technicians. Grease Scrapers is the first choice for Philadelphia kitchen cleaning needs. We have professional and friendly staff and experts who are easy to work with, and we are always happy to assist our customers and answer inquiries they have.


  • Flexible service schedule and personalized cleaning services. Whether you need an emergency cleaning or routine maintenance, Grease Scrapers will help you find the right kitchen cleaning solutions, and we will set the best time to conduct our services to suit your busy operations.


  • Honest Philadelphia, PA kitchen hood cleaning pricing. At Grease Scrapers, we do not believe in hidden fees and surcharges. We always provide our clients with honest kitchen exhaust hood cleaning estimates and we are upfront about our service costs. You will know what you are getting for your budget right away.

How Grease Scrapers Will Work To Give You The Best Kitchen Hood Cleaning Results

Grease Scrapers is a team comprising grease vent cleaning and kitchen exhaust hood experts who have devoted a lot of time to developing the best kitchen cleaning process, leaving us with a guarantee of spotless results.


Here is our process and what you can expect from our professional Philadelphia technicians and hood cleaners:

hood cleaning
Inspect your commercial kitchen

Before Grease Scrapers begin, our technicians will inspect the exhaust system and determine the issues that need to be addressed. We may find parts of the exhaust system that need repairing or replacing such as the hood filters.

Do safety checks

We will ensure to use of the right kitchen cleaning tools and products, including wearing safety gear when necessary, like when mixing cleaning products. We will also take every step to reduce the chances of accidents like slips and falls.

Prepare the kitchen or equipment for cleaning

We will check all the appliances before performing any service.

Scrape all grease and thick food debris

Some components of the kitchen hood may need manual scraping, but with rigorous scraping and cleaning, we guarantee a grease-free kitchen hood. Your kitchen exhaust system, hood filters, and range hood will be left in tip-top condition!

Talk With Grease Scrapers Today and Schedule Your Next Kitchen Cleaning With Us

  • Call our office to inquire or ask to receive a kitchen cleaning estimate.

Our friendly staff will walk you through the entire process when you first call us. First, we’ll ask for some simple information, like your address and type of business. After that, we’ll need to know how many commercial kitchen hoods you have and what type they are. We’ll then need to figure out what kind of service you would like: one-time or monthly cleaning sessions.

  • Let our professional kitchen cleaning contractors do the cleaning for you.

Hiring Grease Scrapers means getting access to professional technicians who know the best ways to deal with grease. Let us discuss the needs of your commercial kitchen and tailor a plan to achieve them.

  • Do post-kitchen exhaust hood cleaning checks

When we are done cleaning your exhaust system, we will provide a kitchen cleaning report. That way, you can review what cleaning service has been performed and their results.


If you need your kitchen hood cleaned, Grease Scrapers will have it looking brand new! We are the expert hood cleaners you need. Choose the service you need and let us get the scraping started!

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