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Do you have fats, oils, and grease you want to be scraped from your kitchen exhaust hood? Grease Scrapers has years of experience in commercial kitchen cleaning with a dedicated cleaning crew ready to help achieve your goals.

Grease Scrapers take pride in offering detailed kitchen and hood cleaning to the businesses of Philadelphia, PA. We are always seeking to provide exceptional services, and as such, we only employ and partner with professionals.

To make kitchen cleaning easier for your employees, hire Grease Scrapers. We will take care of all the grease and grime in your commercial kitchen with efficiency and professionalism. Talk with our expert technicians and local hood cleaners and make an appointment for an initial assessment today!

Experience Stellar Philadelphia Kitchen and Exhaust Cleaning

Dirt and grease accumulation in your kitchen can ruin your operations and create safety and health issues, but when you hire a kitchen cleaning company like Grease Scrapers, you will enjoy outstanding services.



At Grease Scrapers, we have earned an excellent reputation by providing competitive cleaning services. We will uncover unsanitary issues before they become larger problems.


  • We are obsessed with fulfilling our customer’s goals.
  • We are flexible and can work on customers’ schedules.
  • We have a team of local experts that will ensure a smooth and transparent transaction.
  • We are growth-oriented and hence only offer the right kitchen cleaning services.


If you are looking for a team that will perform the best kitchen cleaning methods, we are the one to call.

Philadelphia Businesses We Serve With Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We serve many businesses that operate in commercial kitchens. Our team has experience cleaning hoods and kitchens from:

  • Office buildings.
  • Assisted living facilities.
  • Bars and clubs.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Schools.

If you want to request a swift kitchen cleaning assessment, call Grease Scrapers. We are ready to sanitize the FOG from your commercial kitchen exhaust and vent system.

Quality Philadelphia Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Need a kitchen cleaning service that will eliminate all your FOG worries? You can count on Grease Scraper to be the best cleaning partner you will ever have.


  • Grease Scrapers have been in the cleaning business in Philadelphia for years. We have extensive kitchen cleaning experience that includes keeping the range hoods, exhaust system, vents, and hood filters clean. We are passionate about providing a service that does both the customer and ourselves proud.

  • Qualified technicians and local hood cleaners. The team behind Grease Scrapers comprises skilled and qualified people that stay up to date with all the standards and trends in kitchen hood cleaning.

  • Philadelphia, PA leading kitchen hood cleaning company. Our passion to provide the best services and honest work makes us one of the most trusted hood cleaning companies in Pennsylvania. We strive to be the best in helping businesses have a spotless kitchen and exhaust system.

  • Follow the highest standard of the cleaning process. Grease Scrapers strive for excellence. We adhere to all federal and local kitchen and hood cleaning standards. We are hands-on in ensuring we are following the safest and most efficient kitchen cleaning strategies.

  • Use industry-grade kitchen cleaning supplies and equipment. Besides our friendly and approachable staff, we also have the best cleaning equipment at our disposal to ensure quality cleaning results.


Partner with a trusted Philadelphia, PA restaurant cleaning company. Give Grease Scrapers a call to discuss your exhaust and vent cleaning needs.

Talk With Grease Scrapers Today and Schedule Your Next Kitchen Cleaning With Us

  • Call our office to inquire or ask to receive a kitchen cleaning estimate.

Our friendly staff will walk you through the entire process when you first call us. First, we’ll ask for some simple information, like your address and type of business. After that, we’ll need to know how many commercial kitchen hoods you have and what type they are. We’ll then need to figure out what kind of service you would like: one-time or monthly cleaning sessions.

  • Let our professional kitchen cleaning contractors do the cleaning for you.

Hiring Grease Scrapers means getting access to professional technicians who know the best ways to deal with grease. Let us discuss the needs of your commercial kitchen and tailor a plan to achieve them.

  • Do post-kitchen exhaust hood cleaning checks

When we are done cleaning your exhaust system, we will provide a kitchen cleaning report. That way, you can review what cleaning service has been performed and their results.


If you need your kitchen hood cleaned, Grease Scrapers will have it looking brand new! We are the expert hood cleaners you need. Choose the service you need and let us get the scraping started!

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    Have fats, oils, and grease on your kitchen exhaust system? Grease Scrapers can help. We will not let hiding FOGs ruin your operations. Call us to get a kitchen hood cleaning estimate today!

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