Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Have a Grease-Free and Fire-Safe Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System in Philadelphia, PA

Grease Scrapers has a team of local, committed hood cleaners. Our technicians are here to provide professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning, specializing in kitchen hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment maintenance.


Grease Scrapers Philadelphia Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Service

Food debris, grease build-up, and other contaminants blocking your kitchen exhaust hood? We got you!

We are experienced in getting rid of sludge from kitchen exhaust systems. Call our office for comprehensive exhaust system cleaning information.

It is common for restaurants and other food-service businesses to have messy kitchens, but it is important to have regular kitchen cleaning and equipment maintenance. If you are looking for a reliable kitchen exhaust system cleaning, check out our service:

  • Range Hood Cleaning. The commercial kitchen hood is the first part of the exhaust system. It is installed above the stovetop with the purpose of expelling unwanted odor and residue out of the kitchen. Our cleaning service will begin with the kitchen hood and make sure it is spotless.
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning. Commercial kitchen exhaust systems usually have an inline fan and an out blast or main fan. The inline fan is placed in the middle section of the ductwork, while the out blast fan is installed on the rooftop. 

  • These exhaust fans work to pull out the contaminants and smoke while the staff are cooking and play a vital role in your exhaust system. Our cleaning crew will ensure to get rid of the sludge from the fans.

  • Ductwork Vacuuming. The ductwork is often not accessible, so it is harder to clean or maintain. A professional hood cleaning company will vacuum the ductwork and remove blockages.

Allowing professional Philadelphia hood cleaning companies to clean your exhaust system has advantages as they will deliver the best results while offering reasonable prices.

There is a lot of work that goes on to keep the kitchen equipment clean and safe. Talk with our expert technicians about your exhaust cleaning needs and let Grease Scrapers visit your business for an initial assessment!

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Some kitchen cleaning services often overlook the kitchen exhaust system, perhaps because cleaning the entire system is a complex task. However, it is essential to for the exhaust system on a routine basis.


  • Comply with Philadelphia, PA health and safety standards. Philadelphia has numerous regulations designed to keep the public safe. Many of these local codes provide guidance and requirements to food-service businesses on keeping their facilities safe. Unsafe practices such as leaving grease in the exhaust hood system for a long time can be penalized.

  • Reduce the possibility of health risks, accidents, and fires. Most restaurant fires happening often start with a poorly maintained kitchen, so a commercial kitchen, especially the equipment, should be cleaned regularly.

  • Improve customer experience and staff productivity. Your goal as a business owner is to let your brand be known so that you can attract more customers. Naturally, you also want your kitchen staff to be productive during work hours. Making a safe and comfortable establishment will help achieve both of these goals.

Schedule Your Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Today Before It Is Too Late!

Our expert technicians and local hood cleaners are the best in Philadelphia, PA and we guarantee exceptional cleaning services!


  • Our kitchen cleaning services are designed to suit both general and local standards and regulations.
  • The services we offer involve careful planning and comprehensive kitchen cleaning solutions.
  • We consider safety our top priority during kitchen cleaning work. That is why we only use the best kitchen cleaning equipment and our tools and kitchen cleaning products clean your appliances without causing damage.


There is nothing that will give you more peace of mind as a food-business owner than knowing your people, customers, and establishments are safe. Feel more confident running your business with the help of Grease Scrapers.


Talk with us today! We will help you figure out the best kitchen cleaning service to solve your grease problems.

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Look no further for a Philadelphia hood cleaning company. Grease Scrapers is your best option for maintaining the hygiene standards for your business, offering the best services and technicians in the area.


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