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Philadelphia food-service business owners should know that regular hood cleaning is essential. Kitchen equipment is like a workhorse that makes intensive cooking efficient. 

But without proper exhaust hood cleaning, the equipment might not function well. Worse still, it may break down during peak hours.


Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Kitchen Hoods Is Important

Fortunately, there is a professional Philadelphia restaurant hood cleaning contractor you can rely on. Grease Scrapers is a trusted kitchen cleaning provider that helps businesses eliminate accumulated grease in their kitchen exhaust hoods.


If you have hood cleaning questions or want to inquire, call us. Want to request a Philadelphia kitchen hood cleaning quote? Send us a message or call us to get a quick response.

The kitchen exhaust hood is a pivotal system for mitigating grease. Residues produced during the cooking operation can create safety and health risks. That’s why a proper hood cleaning is essential, especially for establishments that do intensive cooking.


A simple wash and wipe are not enough to get rid of all the captured grease and residue in the kitchen hood.  You need a hood cleaning that complements the level of the cooking operation.


What will happen if your exhaust hood is not properly cleaned and disinfected?

  • Reduce risks of starting a fire. The purpose of a kitchen exhaust hood system is to trap as much residue, grease, oil, fumes, and smoke as possible.

  • Avoid causing food contamination. The greasier your commercial range hoods are, the less efficient they become and the equipment will eventually not function properly. Ultimately, it contributes to potential health risks to the staff and customers.

  • Keep your business in compliance with local safety and sanitary codes. It is common for inspectors to come to visit your business. They check your operations, equipment, and more. Naturally, you want them to discover a clean kitchen hood.

  • Get approved by insurance companies. Food-service businesses need to comply with the codes. If safety and sanitary codes are violated, you may lose coverage or premiums. 

Grease Scrapers Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services for Philadelphia, PA Establishments

  • Hood Canopy Cleaning. The external surface of the kitchen exhaust hood is the first to be covered with grease, oil, and smoke. It needs cleaning not only for visual aesthetics but to avoid food contamination too.

  • Duct Cover and Vent System Cleaning. Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods have duct covers and vents that are often stainless. We can clean the hood covers and make sure we do not scratch their surface.

  • Control Panel and Lamp Cleaning. The exhaust hood control panel is vital for the system to work. Our team will ensure we will clean its surface without causing damage.

  • Hood Filter or Grease Filter Cleaning. Hood filters come in different sizes and types, some are made of steel frames, while others have aluminum mesh. Our crew knows how to clean all kinds of kitchen hood filters.

    Benefits of Grease Scrapers Hood Cleaning Services

    • Better kitchen hood cleaning and greater safety.
    • Comprehensive cleaning of all components. That includes inaccessible parts of the exhaust hood and ducts.
    • Experienced and skilled technicians will make the process run smoothly.
    • Affordable kitchen hood cleaning prices.


    Want to integrate the Grease Scraper’s kitchen hood cleaning into your business? Get in touch with us now and let us talk about your Philadelphia business and cleaning needs.

    Why Choose Grease Scrapers for Your Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Needs

    At Grease Scrapers, we are committed to giving Philadelphia businesses the best services. We only offer reliable, effective restaurant hood cleaning solutions. 

    • We help our customers have a safe and efficient kitchen environment. Our hood cleaning will significantly improve productivity in the kitchen. 
    • Our clients choose us as their hood cleaning company because of our history of successful jobs.
    • We clean commercial exhaust hoods with environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. 
    • All of our services are proudly performed by qualified and trained technicians.


    We want to help more commercial kitchens with our cleaning and maintenance services. Our commitment is to make sure you get spotless equipment and that it is working properly for a long time and not causing downtime in your operations.

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    Grease Scrapers is your Philadelphia, PA hood cleaning company. We offer top-quality kitchen exhaust hood cleaning for local businesses. Our expert technicians perform unrivaled kitchen hood cleaning, hood filter cleaning, and more.


    We understand the importance of maintaining commercial kitchens and equipment. Talk with our expert hood cleaners and get more details about our services, and ask for a hood cleaning quote!

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