Philadelpia, pa commercial rooftop grease trap cleaning 

Grease Scrapers has a team of local, committed hood cleaners. Our technicians are here to provide professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning, specializing in kitchen hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment maintenance.


Restaurant Grease Is a Smelly, Nasty Problem That Can Be Solved With A Grease Trap Cleaning

The rooftop grease containment catches the residues produced during the cooking process. A seasoned hood cleaning company will help clean the appliance and dispose of the grease and clean the grease trap so you can be more confident in your commercial kitchen.


Food-service businesses are required to have grease traps for public safety and health, but routine grease trap pumping will ensure the longevity of the appliance and improve the performance of your kitchen exhaust hood system. 


As a trusted cleaning company, we offer services that will keep the kitchen safe and sanitized and ensure to remove hazards and pollutants posing safety and health issues.

A rooftop grease containment that is not regularly maintained will create problems.


  • Employee and customer safety and health will be compromised.
  • The undesirable odor from the kitchen exhaust system will attract pests and insects.
  • The food will be contaminated with bacteria and germs.


There is nothing worse than a food-service establishment that smells like rotten food. Let a professional hood cleaning contractor help you deal with your grease traps. A reliable hood cleaning specialist will work to eliminate foul odors and the FOGs causing them.


Get the Grease Cleaning You Need From A Reliable Philadelphia Hood Cleaning Company

At Grease Scrapers, we go the extra mile for our Philadelphia clients. It is crucial to help businesses have sanitary kitchen equipment, and our team has experience in getting rid of grease safely and without causing damage to the equipment. 


We serve Philadelphia, PA, and the communities in and around the area. Our services, including cleaning grease traps, are perfect for food-service businesses.


Do you need a grease trap and regular grease trap cleaning? By hiring Grease Scrapers, you can rest assured your business is getting a 5-star Philadelphia cleaning service. 


Contact our office today. Check the exhaust system cleaning and rooftop grease containment services we provide. Ask for complete details of our services and a kitchen hood cleaning estimate!

    Carefully Planned Philadelphia Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Process

    Intensive cooking produces more FOGs and other residues that accumulate in the rooftop grease traps and must be disposed of in the right facility.


    If you need a reliable rooftop grease trap cleaning company in Philadelphia, PA, consider Grease Scrapers, a proud kitchen cleaning service provider. You can expect our local hood cleaners and technicians to conduct a thorough cleaning that will improve the condition and longevity of your equipment.


    • We are a team of local hood cleaners who will quickly respond to your grease trap cleaning inquiries.
    • We will take the time to assess your kitchen. That includes inspecting the kitchen exhaust system and rooftop grease containment for issues. Our hood cleaning specialists will then recommend the right kitchen cleaning solutions.
    • We will then get rid of the accumulated FOG and other residues in the proper disposal facility using food-safe equipment and tools.


    If you want to learn more about our rooftop grease containment service in Philadelphia, call us. Our helpful specialists are always ready to respond to inquiries and we can provide grease trap cleaning estimates upon request.

    Hire Grease Scrapers for Your Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning Needs

    Rooftop grease is one of the most difficult substances to tackle when doing kitchen hood cleaning. But you do not have to worry — Grease Scrapers is here to save the day!


    At Grease Scrapers, we will work to find the best kitchen cleaning solutions for your needs, and one that will suit your budget! 


    When you call today, you will speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable hood cleaning specialists. You will be assisted from the start to the end of the cleaning or maintenance project. 


    We are excited to give your business the kitchen hood cleaning or grease trap cleaning it needs!





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